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Naval Recruiting District Richmond offers coverage for applicants residing in Virginia - D.C. Metro - Outer Banks North Carolina - Eastern Shore Ocean City and Eastern Shore Virginia 
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Welcome to the NRD Richmond
Warrior Challenge Program

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NDCS (RET) Mark Negele 
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Attention candidates. 

I created this website to help the U.S. Navy and candidates that pursue hard to fill high risk occupations. You need to consult me (the Mentor/Coach) about training etc. but even if you do not qualify for for Warrior Challenge screening, I implore you to please take heed of the Safety Notes below on Shallow Water Blackout before reading through the website content! 

Jump Team
U.S. Navy Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 1st Class Thomas Kinn, with the U.S. Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Fogs, flies an 800-square-foot American flag during the opening ceremony of the Sound of Speed Air Show over the Rosecrans Memorial Airport in St. Joseph, Mo., May 5, 2012. (U.S. Navy photo by James Woods/Released)

In order to be familiar with the training following Recruit Training the Center for EOD and Diving is requiring that all candidates view a video to understand what takes place prior to dive training at NDSTC (aka Dive School). Due to the high attrition they produced an informative and brief overview that should orient you to the vigor required immediately after RTC (boot camp). You must view this before shipping to boot camp. You can find it easily since I placed it Right at the top!

Many young men and women try breath hold swimming, often paired with hyperventilation, to foolishly test their underwater endurance and underwater swimming distance readiness. When you undertake this risk, you expose yourself to conditions beyond the reasonable limits of safety since oversight through stringent controls do not exist at any pool outside the scope of the U.S. Navy training sites like the NSWC Coronado, CA  or NDSTC, Panama City, FL. 

What you do not realize is that if you engage in this High Risk Training you are unable to determine when you are in danger of fainting or passing out underwater. If this occurs you will drown and without an immediate response team at the ready, this situation can lead to a life changing brain injury or a fatality. It has happened to experienced and unexperienced watermen and waterwomen, alike. It is imperative that NO ONE emulate Navy SEAL training nor practice breath hold swimming. Pushing the limits can lead to loss of consciousness without warning and dire results.


Coordinator AWR1 (NAC) Tyler Brock 

(804) 338-1051


Scout for the areas listed below 

Petty Officer Staser  

VA Beach - Lynnhaven - Elizabeth City

Cell: (757) 705-1138

Scouts for the areas listed below 

Petty Officer Finn

Norfolk - Hampton - Chesapeake 

Suffolk - Newport News - Williamsburg

Cell: (757) 603-7520

Petty Officer Joshua Buchanon

Cell: (757) 708-8513

Chief Petty Officer NDC McCullough

Newport News - Suffolk - Williamsburg - Hampton - Yorktown - Portsmouth - Chesapeake - Norfolk

Cell: (757) 647-0138

Scout for the areas listed below 

Petty Officer Roark

Lynchburg - Roanoke 

Richmond - Charlottesville

Cell: (804) 754-6480

Scouts for the areas listed below 

DC Metro - Silver Spring - Fairfax - Annapolis 

Gaithersburg - Upper Marlboro

Alexandria - Lexington Park - Waldorf

Petty Officer Gabriel

Cell: (301) 848-1599

Petty Officer Ailsworth

Cell: (703) 300-5907

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