So much to dive into when pursuing a contract. So many road blocks, so much out dated info on the internet. So many options and opinions. Well, with the mentor program a thing of the past there are still good actors available to help clear up the some of the conflicting info or outright lies that occur in the recruitment offices. Odds are if you stepped into an office your “spider sense” already picked up on that vibe. Let’s get to it…firstly 2022 is a year that is a BIG change to the program. PSTs will not take place at Boot Camp (or more officially RTC=Recruit Training Command).

There are not any special “800” divisions (which has been the case for quite some time for that matter). Naval Special Warfare preparatory course or NSW Prep is located at the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado, California. All for the better, in fact that change will allow for post RTC training to remedy the detraining aspect in the correct environment and allow for year-round outside PT and running. Running is a huge tipping point for success so that factor is going to benefit SEAL and SWCC candidates. My intent for any seeking advice or info is to complie it into separate pages on this site. 

IF YOU THINK THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN OF USE TO INFORM YOUR PROCESS or TRAINING or HELPS IN OTHER WAYS,  I encourage you to support it’s upkeep on PATREON to help defray the web hosting costs, URL licensing, and time I have put into it. After 15 years of Mentoring SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Diver, Aviation Rescue Swimmers seeking contracts to enlist into the US Navy’s Warrior Challenge Program I have no intention of suspending that help but at this point it is all Pro Bono (psst…that means free labor). And speaking of free… is the "go-to" for a significant amount of OFFICIAL help that should be another stop on your waypoints to orient your trek.

And who am I? Let’s be really clear, I am an ex-Diver (Not a SEAL!) and have years of experience evaluating and training applicants attempting to gain contracts and sustain contracts for SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Diver, Aviation Rescue Swimmer. I acted as the LCPO of the RTC Dive Motivator Office twice (as a Chief ’97-’00 and Senior Chief ’02-'04) and was the NTAG Richmond (formerly known as an NRD or Naval Recruiting District) Warrior Challenge Mentor. I was in that postition for the entire duration of the contract to Naval Recruiting Command (May 2006-December 2021). I still run ultra distance races in Virginia and offer running training advice as well as swim technique coaching. 

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