Aquatics Outreach Training Resource

Unique to the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area, the SEAL SWCC Scout Team offers a program to prepare potential candidates for the demands of BUD/S and SWCC training. Candidates will learn basic and advanced swimming and aquatics skills. Closely monitored and coached, instructors cover core requirements to elevate Combat Side Stroke, treading, and will be allowed to attend conditioning workouts.

Candidates will be expected to maintain a high degree of professionalism, positive mental attitude, sharp military bearing, and a strong determination to succeed. This voluntary program is extreemly challenging.

Program requirments for civilans:

Complete a Hold Harmless agreement (must be signed by a parent/guardian if under 18 years).

Swim trunks and water bottle

Able to attend from 1300-1500 Monday through Friday

Call/contact the East Coast SEAL/SWCC Scout Team prior to arrival to obtain base access/shuttle from JEB Little Creek Gate


757 763-3044


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