First Post

Making the most of my time is on my mind constantly. I think that comes with getting older. It conjures up an adage “old too soon, smart too late.” That’s a bit too pessimistic for my taste and yet it does have some influencs on a sense of urgency I sustain to look at the calendar with an eye to fill it with more than work appointments. Day by day, weeks turn into years before you know it. Budgeting time for yourself is so very important. 

I do make a priority to get in motion and buy into the concept that the day is not complete until there has been some sweat and strain expended. PT ethos comes to mind as does the concept of “earn it” whether that is a meal or the satisfaction in keeping fitness in the foreground.

I have a 50K coming up in less than a week and I find it difficult to taper because this mindset of earning it tends to over-ride the guides and running resources I lean so heavily upon. These next few days are going to be a battleground between what I want to do and what is sound practice. As always, “trust the process” is an imperative for the “mentor” to keep present and a principle that I need to self talk myself into putting into practice. I have not been in a runnig rut at all so mentally I am in good shape. Hopefully, the body is going to follow where the mind is taking it.

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