Breathing Exercises

Big 4 or Box Breathing


-Inhale to a count of 4; hold 4 seconds; exhale 4 seconds; hold 4 seconds


Longer exhalations will elicit a stronger parasympathetic response. A variation of Box Breathing to more deeply relax the body that’s especially effective before sleeping is:


-Inhale to a count of 4; hold 4 seconds; exhale 6 seconds; hold 2 seconds


For both try 6 rounds


**start by doing this with your mouth then progress to using nose breathing only**

Resonant Breathing

-Sit up straight, relax the shoulders and belly, and exhale.

-Inhale softly for 5.5 seconds, expanding the belly as air fills the bottom of the lungs.

-Without pausing, exhale softly for 5.5 seconds, bringing the belly in as the lungs empty. Each breath should feel like a circle.

-Repeat at least ten times, more if possible


There is an app “Paced Breathing” (no charge/free apparently) you can use with a timer and visual guides should you want to use this to help.


From “Breath-The New Science of a Lost Art” Author James Nestor

© Mark Negele 2016